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MTZ-920 traktor


Additional components of the model:  
Tires 13,6/20 x 18.4R34;  
Cargoes lobbies 450kg 1025-4235010;  
6 splines PTO  
Completely closed bonnet 90-8400005  
Glasses with mark of homologacion  
24 V start engine system  
United hook-on device 80-2707110A-02  
Gear drop link, l-h/r-h  
Footstep three-stage left / right  
Tension member 80-4605280  
Hydraulic Cylinder -110  
Basic Specification and Standard Components:  
Type diesel with direct injection, 4-stroke  
Model D-243
Power, kW (hp) 60 (81)
Rated Speed, rpm 2200
Number of Cylinders, pcs. 4
Bore/Stroke, mm 110x125
Displacement, L 4,75
Maximum Torque, H-m (kgf-m) 290 (29,6)
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW-h (g/hp-h) 220 (162)
Torque Backup, % 15
Fuel Tank Capacity, L 130
Clutch dry, single-disk,  
Gearbox mechanical, synchronized  
Reduction gear synchronized  
Number of Gears: forward/reverse 14/4
Motion speed, km/h:  
forward/reverse 2,5-36,6/5,4-13,0
Rear PTO:  
independent I, rpm 540
independent II, rpm 1000
ground-speed, rev./m of travel 3,5
Wheelbase, mm 2450
Overall Length, mm 3930
Width, mm 1970
Height to top of cab, mm 2840
Tread, mm:  
front wheels 1450-1630
rear wheels 1450-1600,1800-2100
Road Clearance, mm:  
under front axle 645
under rear axle 465
Minimum turning radius, m 4,1
Fordable depth, m 0,85
Operating weight, kg 4000
Tire Size(standard):  
front 13,6-20
rear 16,9R38
Versatile, remote-cylinder type, with force and position control; optional - system of combined control or hydraulic lift cylinder  
Lifting capacity at hitch ends, kgf 4000
Maximum Pressure, kgf/cm2 200
Pump Output, L/min 45
Capacity, L 21
Differential Lock:  
with hydraulic control, 2 positions: disengaged; controlled engage-ment  
service and parking - disk-type, dry. Trailer-brakes drive - pneumatic, locked with tractor brakes control (optional - double-line)  
Steering Control:  
hydrostatic, with metering pump and hydraulic cylinder  
Front Driving Axle:  
portal-type, with self-locking differential, three operating modes: disengaged; engaged constantly; engaged automatically  
Electric Equipment  
700-W generator with 14-V rectified voltage, 6-kW starting system with 24-V starter and electric-torch preheater. Optional - starting system with 12-V, 4-kW starter, starting device with aerosol fluid  
safe (ROPS), complies with OECD requirements, comfortable, with air filtering and heating, with opening side windows, rear window and roof hatch, with electric wipers of windshield and rear window and windshield washer. Optional - framed canopy, open station  
Basic Specification and Standard Components:  
working lights, three pairs of hydraulic outlets for additional hydraulic mechanisms, drain outlet, mechanical rear-hitch fixing, drawbar cross-bar. Optional -spacers for rear dual wheels, bracket with front bal-last weights, rear-wheel weights, floating drawbar, towing device, synchronized reverse reduction gear: i = -1.07 or i = -1.88, tires: 11,2-20; 15,5R38; 18,4R34  
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