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MTZ-892 traktor


Additional components of the model:  
Tires 13,6/20 x 18.4R34;  
Cargoes lobbies 450kg 1025-4235010;  
6 splines PTO  
Completely closed bonnet 90-8400005  
Glasses with mark of homologacion  
24 V start engine system  
United hook-on device 80-2707110A-02  
Gear drop link, l-h/r-h  
Footstep three-stage left / right  
Tension member 80-4605280  
Hydraulic Cylinder -110  
Basic Specification and Standard Components:  
Type 4-stroke diesel with direct Injection, turbocharged, water-cooled  
Model D-245.5
Power, kW (hp) 66(90)
Rated speed, rpm 1800
Number of Cylinders, pcs. 4
Bore/Stroke, mm 110x125
Displacement, L 4,75
Maximum Torque, h-m (kgf-m) 386 (39)
Torque backup, % 15
Fuel Tank Capacity, L 130
Clutch dry, single-disk, spring-loaded  
Gearbox mechanical, fixed-ratio, synchronized  
Reduction gear synchronized  
Number of Gears:  
forward/reverse 18/4
Motion speed, km/h:  
forward 2,05-27,30
reverse 4,30-7,30
Motion speed, km/h:  
forward 2,55-33,90
reverse 5,35-9,10
Rear PTO:  
dependent I, rpm 540
dependent II, rpm 1000
ground-speed, rev./m of travel 3,5
Wheelbase, mm 2450
Overall Length, mm 3930
Width, mm 1970
Height to top of cab, mm 2785
Tread, mm:  
front wheels 1400-1850
rear wheels 1400-2100
Road Clearance, mm:  
under front axle 645
under rear axle 465
Minimum turning radius, m 4,1
Fordable depth, m 0,85
Operating weight, kg 3955
Tire Size(standard):  
front 13,6-20
rear 13,6-20
Versatile, remote-cylinder type, with force and position control; optional - system of combined control  
Lifting capacity at hitch ends, kgf 4000
with diameter of cylinder 100mm 3500
with diameter of cylinder 150mm 4300
Maximum Pressure, kgf/cm2 200
Pump output, L/min 45
Capacity, L 21
Differential Lock:  
with hydraulic control, 2 positions: controlled engagement; disen-gaged, with hydromechanical booster - 3 positions (+ automatic)  
service and parking - dry, disk-type. Trailer-brakes drive - pneumatic, locked with tractor brakes control (optional - double-line)  
Steering Control:  
hydrostatic, with metering pump and hydraulic cylinder  
Front Driving Axle:  
portal-type with self-locking differential, three operating modes: disengaged; controlled engagement; engaged automatically at slip of rear wheels  
Electric Equipment  
700-W generator with 14-V rectified voltage, 6-kW starting system with 24-V starter and starting device with aerosol fluid  
safe (ROPS), complies with OECD requirements, comfortable, with air filtering and heating, with opening side/rear windows , with electric wipers of windshield and rear window and windshield washer  
Basic Specification and Standard Components:  
working lights, 6 additional hydraulic system outlets, mechanical rear-hitch fixing. Optional - spacers for rear dual wheels, bracket with front ballast weights, rear-wheel weights, floating drawbar, towing device, drive pulley, start-up preheater, tires: 11,2-20; 15.5R38; 18,4L-30; 18.4R34, drawbar cross-bar  
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