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MTZ Belarus Tractors
MTZ Belarus tractors
 MTZ Belarus Engines
MTZ Belarus Engines



We invite companies to cooperate in wholesale by spare parts of Belarus tractors.

You can download our company Parts Catalogue or here

Current Price List of some Original Belarus parts here
Use "search" to find needed part number.

The most popular questions:

  • Can I get user manuals and catalogues of some Belarus tractors ?

      A dealer that has supplied with tractors has to provide in your country with it too. But we can supply you with some manuals and catalogues without any payment at first shipment by sea or with a truck (not at an air delivery). A minimal batch for shipping is 30 kg for the air delivery and approx. 1 tone for the delivery by sea or with the truck .

  • How correctly do I have to mount and adjust double-disk clutch of D-245 on MTZ-1025 tractor ?

      Download some important information that can help to make it correctly.

  • I noticed that modern Belarus tractors have another joystick cable. Please explain how it can be installed of previous cable on to RS213Belarus valve.

      You can connect the modern cable to the joystick and the valve without any problems. Download, unpack the file and follow steps on pictures.

  • I have problems with few starter dives that I bought on my market. The problem coming is the interior construction of the drive. The drive starts to slip. It sounds like the drive has a broken tooth or the ring gear is missing a tooth, the starter just spins free without turning over the engine. Something is different in the internal construction of these drives. I think they are not original. Could you tell me what look like ORIGINAL ones ?

      There are many non-original Belarus parts on different markets in the world. Anybody can Download our library of pictures of some non-original and original Belarus parts or visit this. You can find the starter drives there too. Also there you can find a list of some Belarus parts of that there are non-originals in the world. You will see differences on the pictures to buy only the original ones in the future. Anyone can ask us about any Belarus parts. We will give complete information on each part. Also you can send us pictures of your parts you have. It is always appreciated. Our company will supply you with Original parts.

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