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MTZ Belarus Tractors
MTZ Belarus tractors
 MTZ Belarus Engines
MTZ Belarus Engines



Our company "Ziand" exists from 1994 has an operational experience in foreign trade activities in the markets of Europe and Asia. The mainstream is an export delivery of the spare parts, component parts and units of Belarus tractors of the"Belarus" trademark, heavy-load vehicles of the"MAZ" trademark and their YaMZ engines. And also under the order delivery of trucks, agricultural machinery and Belarus parts to them produced by manufactures of Belarus, Russia etc.

For the performance of all goals there are competent experts in staff. Diplomaed engineers with experience of design work on manufacture operate in our company for realisation of requirements knowledge of a wide spectrum of the nomenclature of agricultural machinery, spare parts to them, knowledge of the market of regions on which this or that engineering is used.

Guaranty of our success is:

  • highly skilled and qualitative performance of tasks;
  • a good combination of the price and quality of the delivered goods;
  • efficiency in work and delivery of the goods;
  • constancy and safety in operation with partners;
  • work with clients under orders - applications;
  • an individual approach to each client;
  • flexible discounts system for constant clients.

Become our client and you will receive the constant and reliable partner in your business.

  • Our goods

More than in 30-year experience of manufacturing of tractors and other special machines on the basis of MTZ Belarus tractor the present production has received a wide circulation in the world market. Modifications of tractors MTZ Belarus 50, MTZ Belarus 80, MTZ Belarus 82, MTZ Belarus 820, MTZ Belarus 920, MTZ Belarus 952, MTZ Belarus 100, MTZ Belarus 1025 etc. are equipped with base models of engines D50 D240, D243, D245. However, for wide power range, profitability, high reliability and durability, simplicity in operation, service and repair, rather not the high price, modifications of diesel engines have found wide application by different manufacturers for installation on agricultural, transport, industrial machines, and also at other machines of various purpose.

These are modifications of D-50, D-241L, D-242, D-242L, D-240, D-243, D-243L, D-245, D-260 engines which are applied on caterpillar and wheel tractors of other manufacturers, mowers self-propelled, dredges, dipper and fork loaders, road special engineering, conveyors, trucks, buses, mobile and stationary compressor stations, energy installations and water pumps for agriculture needs.

The main goods we trade are MTZ Belarus tractor parts, MTZ Belarus tractors component parts, MAZ vehicles parts and various modifications of engines to them. Under the order of the buyer we deliver MTZ Belarus tractors and other machines.

The manufacturer of MTZ tractors of the "Belarus" trademark is the Minsk tractor factory. It produces accessories and makes tractors assembling. There are many factories - manufacturers that make details of MTZ Belarus tractor and the same nomenclatures. It allows a tractor factory to choose suppliers of component parts on the main conveyor that make most qualitative production. We also use this rule when completing the application for sending of the goods on export.

Let’s list some names of the spare parts made by several factories whose manufacturing quality differs from each other very strongly: the sixfold pump, generators, starters, fuel pumps, pinions, brake cranes, regulators of pressure, hydrocylinders TS100, hydroallocators, cardan shafts etc. We only deliver the goods of factories that make the most qualitative component parts.

  • The of goods order procedure

It is very simple. You can order the goods that are interesting for you at this site or send us the application by fax. In addition the customer should specify a desirable way of delivery of the goods to his address. After reception of the application we estimate the goods and send the list back to the sender. Information exchange can occur a few more times with the purpose of specification of the nomenclature, quantity, the prices and conditions up to achievement of the mutual agreement. Then the customer confirms the final order, and we confirm its fulfilment.

The list of spare parts to MTZ Belarus tractors of various modifications is very long. In the section “Nomenclature and the prices " of the main menu of this site only a few most widespread component parts are specified.

When forming the "Order - basket" specify a designation and/or the name of all those spare parts that you are interested in. If you do not know an exact designation, specify their applicability. We will send you the answer with the indication of an exact present designation and the price, according to your application. On other specified goods the corrected prices will be sent to you. Under your request the catalogue of spare parts of MTZ Belarus tractor of the appropriate modification and spare parts of its engine will be delivered to your address with the first sending the goods.

The prices on the site are preliminary and are specified without delivery cost of the goods, a container, preselling preparation and packing, certificates of an origin, customs registration of a cargo. The prices depend on the consignee location. The answer to your application can come with a little bit smaller prices that will surprise you pleasantly. For constant clients we have flexible system of discounts.

Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Automobile Plant" - is one of the largest state enterprises of the Republic of Belarus for production of heavy-load vehicles. A range of produced automobiles includes fifth-wheel truck tractors, drop-side, middle-ton low-frame automobiles, dump trucks, timber trucks, short log trucks, off-highway vehicles, chassis automobile to be completed with all kinds of special equipment and plants. Wheel arrangements of the above-enumerated vehicles are represented by the following variants: 42, 44, 64, 66. All in all MAZ factory produces more than 250 modifications of automobiles that are based on YaMZ diesel engines of "Avtodizel" (The Yaroslavl Motor Plant - production of diesel engines for the leading motorcar factories of Russia and CIS countries).

  • The goods purchase order

After the achievement of the mutual agreement under the nomenclature, quantity, the price and conditions of delivery and application confirmation by the customer, the buyer gives all necessary data for the contract conclusion (might be sent by fax) with the indication of the goods payer and consignee.

The customer makes full payment, according to the contract or the invoice made by us, on the bank essential elements. The form of payment is the 100% advance payment in the specified payment currency

  • Preparation and delivery the goods

The goods are completed under the application, already after buyer’s confirmation. Spare parts are packed into container depending on the customer requirements and the way of goods delivery.

The cargo can be delivered by the buyer transport or by our transport at the consignee expense according to the agreement. Shipment of the goods is carried out after confirmation of full transfer of money at the bank specified by us within no more than 10 days. Full shipping documentation coordinated by the Parties is transferred to the Consignee.

  • Cooperation

All offers that have arrived to our address will be considered obligatory. Our company is in constant search of the import goods for the subsequent trade on the territory of Belarus. The barter bargain on goods that we are interested in is possible. We would be glad to consider any offers about realisations of your production and other investment projects.

We appreciate you for visiting our site. We hope for the further partnership and cooperation.

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